The V376 is the TAB version of the first silicium transistor preamp generation in German broadcast. It’s one of the rarest and sought after vintage preamps. Built in the mid 60s besides the Siemens V276 and Telefunken V676 this preamp has some destinctive sound signature once you got them back in shape. And that’s what happened with these. It took quite some time to get this set of mint condition units of the same revision. They are carefully recapped and calibrated and thus match just perfectly even for critical stereo signals. They have a smooth hifi sound with lots of depth, detail and punch. Part of the magic is the output transformers. The preamps are connected to a custom built attenuator to drive the V376’s output stage into their sweet spot saturation. Going then into Metric Halo AD converters to capture all that magic vintage vibe in full detail and glory.